BraBaby and Glow in the Dark Bras

I chanced upon this site called and thought of sharing it with all my female readers. This is a revolutionary new way to wash your bras while retaining their shapes. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Simply hook the bra straps together and place each cup around the end of the inner shell.
  2. Then – Tuck the straps inside the shell
  3. And snap the outer shell around the bra!

With its unique flow-through design, the BraBaby allows water to gently clean your delicates… While it protects them from the agitator and from the weight of the other clothes in the spin cycle. BraBABY™ is dryer safe. So you can baby your bras right from the washer to the dryer! Watch the video!

This is a glow in the dark bra that has been designed by Playtex to mark the 10th anniversary of Playtex MoonWalk. Apparently every year for the New York Marathon a bunch of women walk the marathon in their bras, this has also been repeated in London as well. The moonlit marathon now sees 15,000 walkers take to the street in decorated bras. More information here.

The glow in the dark bra has been designed to mark the 10th birthday of the Playtex MoonWalk, which raises cash for breast cancer charities.


Bare Necessities

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Petite Fashion – The Ins and Outs

If your height is 5’4”, or less, you are considered petite by industry measuring standards. Petite women that fall in this category are divided into further different types of petites. There are women with long torsos and shorter legs, and most fall into this category. There is also the opposite: long legs and short torso.

With roughly 40% of American women that are petite, and around the same percentage worldwide, the market for petites is huge.

The greatest fashion obstacle for the petite woman is realizing that she is indeed petite. Women usually walk right by the petite department, and then wonder why their clothing never seems to fit properly.

Here are some dressing tips if you are in this category.

For skirts it is recommended to get a skirt that stops around the kneecap, either just above or covering it. If you are comfortable wearing miniskirts then they help in making your legs look longer.

Petite designation is less about size and body shape and more about fit and proportion. The main hurdles with petite fashion seem to be pants as they are the hardest piece of clothing to buy (the crotch is often too low). The selection is usually too old-fashioned for a sophisticated petite consumer. However with the consumer demanding more the choices have expanded to offer better designs and styles. Blouses, sweaters and skirts are the easiest pieces for petites to buy.

A shorter woman can give the illusion that she is taller through strategic dressing tips. Wearing one continuous color from shoulder to hem lengthens the silhouette. If you break that vertical block of color with a wide belt, for instance, the eye stops short making you appear shorter and wider. Accessories like belts can look overwhelming on the petite frame, however an appropriate size scarf or earrings will draw the eye up, focusing attention on the face.

Keep prints in proportion to your figure. In general, prints should be no larger than your hand.

The trick is to achieve the proper fit and proportion and to maximize appearance by paying attention to the elements of line and balance in all outfits.

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Madonna’s H&M line launched

The new tradition of H&M is to put out a collection every season with a guest designer behind it like Stella McCartney and Viktor & Rolf. But this time they chose the material girl herself, Madonna. The new “M by Madonna” collection was launched across all womenswear H & M stores worldwide and will be sold in 28 countries.

The launch wasn’t as frenzied as people had hoped though with shoppers in New York only queuing up 30 minutes before the stores opened on Fifth Avenue. But within two hours some items, including belts and small purses, had sold out said one sales associate. In the U.K though the demand was more heated and extra security guards had to be called in. Maybe it’s because she lives in the U.K now and the women there probably like her more for that?

The collection itself is mostly black and white with some blue and other earthy tones, retail prices are from $16 to $295.

Madonna has collaborated with H&M before as well when they supplied her and her entourage with an offstage wardrobe
for her “Confessions” tour. Below are the campaign images.

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Queen Latifah Launches Ready to Wear line

Curvation is a company that makes lingerie for full figured women. Queen Latifah promotes them and now they have launched a Ready-to-Wear line together that is targeted to the plus size and full figure woman.

“I’m really going to try and be a driving force for CURVATION®, because I need clothes that fit me and look good. I’m tired of shopping in the men’s department to find my size. Most women in this country are a size 10 or better…and it’s like, c’mon. We are consumers. We are buying this stuff. Make things for us.”

Curvation lingerie was formed after talking to the countless curvaceous women who said they couldn’t find intimate apparel that was both beautiful and functional.

Now those women can extend themselves further with the new Ready-to-Wear line from Curvation that is all about “approachable glam”. “The line is all kinds of things to make a woman feel sexy,” says Latifah. Her stylist Susan Moses is also the creative director for the line and it features lots of silks, jersey’s and the emphasis is on giving a silhouette to a woman’s body instead of trying to hide it.

You can shop by lifestyle from Approachable Glamour, Power Meeting to Weekend Chic. Categories include Accessories, Outerwear, Pants, Skirts and Tops. Shop Curvation.

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Mariah Carey and Pinko

Mariah Carey has been chosen as the new face for Italian fashion house Pinko. She was seen wearing a specially made pair of the company’s jeans at the opening of their London store. When asked to comment on the skinny model factor now being the hot topic in the fashion world.

She said

“That cannot work if you are naturally a size zero. As long as it’s not leading people to do harmful things to themselves to achieve that then it’s fine.”

Visit Pinko.

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Beyonce Knowles on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

Beyoncé Knowles the singer, actress, designer and now model to grace one of the most awaited magazine issue of the year, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

The swimsuit she is wearing is made by her own design company, House of Dereon. Below are a selection of the styles.

Gold Triangle & Ruched Short. Top ties at neck and back. Low rise side-tie boyshorts with sexy ruching along side seams. Lined top and bottom. Available at House of Dereon. Price $145.00.

Halter Slide & Tie Side Pant. Bandeau top with removable halter strap. Lined. O-ring details. Comes with matching hipster bikini bottom. Available at House of Dereon. Price $135.00.

Ring Front Bandeau & Ringed Hipster. Bandeau top with removable halter strap. Lined. O-ring details. Comes with matching hipster bikini bottom. Available at House of Dereon. Price $125.00.

You can find these and more styles at the website.

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