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London Style

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Sara and Pedro check out the London fashion scene with some personal shopping at Selfridges. Later, Sara tries on the cheeky styles at Dublin export, Chica.

Men’s Eco Friendly Clothing

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“Green” is the new black. When I say Green I mean as in Earth friendly. Everywhere you turn your head today there’s another brand walking the Eco line. Mens fashion is not too far behind in this regard as can be sensed from the eco friendly collection on Zappos. Here’s a taste of what they have to offer – Are you wearing anything eco-friendly this season?

Giorgio Armani’s Fashion Empire Enters Second Life

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If you remember I wrote a few months back about fashion in the virtual world and the game Second Life. Well, it didn’t take long for one of the most revered icons of style and elegance in fashion, in the real world, Giorgio Armani to make an entrance into Second Life. So what exactly will Armani be doing in the virtual game. Well, as reports, he is opening his own virtual store, where online citizens will »

Organic Premium Denim Jeans

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Tierra Del Forte, has started a new denim line called of Del Forte Denim. The distinguishing part about this line is that it uses 100% Organic Cotton. Organic Farming is a method of farming where no pesticides or any GMO seeds are used, the process is completely clean and safe for the environment unlike most modern farming techniques. The line was shown at two recent fashion events: Walk the Talk and Eco-Petal. Walk the Talk, in June, »

Angel Jeans

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Angel Jeans is a jeans design company that develop, manufacture, market and distribute high-fashion premium jeans and other apparel. The parent company, Hip & Hip, Inc., was founded and incorporated in 2001 by Art and Jung Park, a husband and wife team of renowned fashion industry experts, who had a vision of creating an exclusive line of premium jeans which offers the perfect fit, unique design, sculpting fabric and special washing technique. They currently manufacture, market, distribute »

Rag Bags

A long time favourtie accessory ‘the bag’ is constantly being reinvented. But this time the reinvent has caught the imagination of whoever comes across it. RagBag is a Netherlands company that is making waves with environmentalists and fashion conscious youth at the same time. How is this possible? Well, the bags known as Ragbags are fashionable products made from recycled plastic bags collected by ‘ragpickers’ in the slums of New Delhi, India. Plastic rags are collected, washed, »