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The Raw Denim Bar

There’s a new boutique in town, well across the pond actually, called the Raw Denim Bar run by a group of self-confessed denim junkies, bringing the denim culture of San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles to the UK. Each season, The Raw Denim Bar scours the latest denim lines and explicitly elect the best styles and brands, based on celebrity stylist recommendations. These brands are boutique, celebrity darlings; focused on designing the best denim in the »

How Many Jean Styles Are There?

How many styles of jeans do you think there are? I’ve owned many varieties over the years, usually sticking with the tried and tested “straight leg” fit. I’ve also worn flare, bootcut and skinny. Never too much a fan of the cropped styles though. Some of you may like to stick to one particular style because it fits your body type well. Which is fine, but with the immense variety of denim companies out there each one »

Top 10 Destroyed Premium Jeans

If you are looking for destroyed jeans you have come to the right page. Below you will find some of the most heavily destroyed denim found anywhere. Some of these look so roughed up I have no idea how anyone can put their legs through with getting tangled up! I like my denim a little bit worn out, but some of these styles just take it to the extreme. I wouldn’t mind having a few pairs myself. »

75 Years Ago: First Womens Jeans From Levi’s

Levi Strauss & Co. is celebrating the 75th anniversary of women’s jeans and they have launched a special website to mark it, Womens Jeans 75. The company that invented blue jeans for working men created the world’s first women’s jeans in 1934 for bold women of the American West. Since then jeans have spread across the entire world and can be found virtually everywhere. Jeans were originally created by Levi Strauss & Co. for working men in »

Top Ten Premium Denim Brands

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We’ve ranked the top ten premium denim brands here for you to see. Check out which one is the number one premium jean on the favorite list of people from all over the world.

Does Your Denim Need Therapy?

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Remember those pair of jeans that you just can’t let go off? Yeah, I have a few myself. They’re ripped in all the right places, have the perfect worn look and feel just right on you no matter the time of day or night. Well, if you have watched them deteriorate over the years and want to see them back in their original shape again then Denim Therapy is the answer for you them. They say this »