Jennifer Aniston Seen Wearing Degaine Denim

Jennifer Aniston was seen wearing a pair from Degaine, the style is a Slim Boot Cut from the Fall/Winter 08 (this jean is an on-going style/cut but the pair she is wearing is from this season).

The jeans are perfect for the girl who doesn’t love a skinny jean but doesn’t love a huge flare either. It’s the perfect jean for flats or a small heel.

You can shop for Degaine here.

Celebrities and Premium Jeans

It seems the benchmark to make a denim brand truly premium is for it to be seen on a celebrities butt. The bigger the celebrity {not seat size}, the bigger the social status of the brand “could get“.

Blogs, web publications, online newspaper sites, trade magazines and everyone else in between scurry to post the latest snap of a “hot” or “in” celebrity and identify the jeans they’re wearing. It’s like a never ending Oscar parade!

The most popular no doubt seem to be Page Premium Denim and Seven Jeans.

I have seen a few brands that have just fallen of radar because they have not been able to keep their PR profile high enough. Sometimes though it is also because the denim itself doesn’t live up to the hype. After all, it still has to look good on YOU!

Jeans are naturally the most versatile of clothing today and with the constant advancements in design, fabric and fit it doesn’t seem like it will stop anytime soon.

For me it doesn’t matter who wears them, it just matters if it feels good to me or not. I’m a guy so I could care less if Brad Pitt is wearing Levi’s or Lee – I’ll still buy a no name brand and wear it for the next 6 months straight! I will take it off to wash though, bad smelling jeans are just…ugh!

Picture courtesy denim blog.

Adwa Fine Jeans

“Looking good, it’s in the jeans” – Adwa, New York

Adwa is a luxurious brand of must-have premium a.k.a Fine jeans for a highly discerning clientele.

Appealing to the woman who knows no bounds. They emphasize bold beauty, brains, charm and unabashed ultra femininity. They proclaim their New York brand jeans to be red carpet ready and dress code compliant for the exclusive guest list only after-party.

In addition to the line of jeans, Adwa, will also expand into the production of an equally elegant and sexy line of designer shoes followed by continued expansion into a full time luxurious products.

Adwa Cooper-Henry was born in New York City in 1979 spending her growing years in various locations around the globe. She spent a few years working as a designer for both mass market and boutique brands before branching out on her own.

Prices start at $400 and go up. Visit Adwa New York.

Pictures –

You can view more on the website.

Denim Addikt – FulFill Your Denim Addiktion

A new brand trying to make it’s mark on the denim scene is Denim Addikt. I don’t think they are available yet for retail anywhere online so this is more or less a sneak peak at them.

Not much information was given to me about them in their email so I’ll just write on what I see from their website.

So far only collections of womens jeans are shown. With names such as Heroin Chic, Fanatic, Addiktion, Fiend, Excess, Idol, Prestige & Binge it’s anyone’s guess that the jeans will definitely create some sort of buzz around them just based on the names alone. “Joey” and “Johnny” just don’t cut it anymore.

Here’s some screenshots from their site. I’ll post more information about them as I get it.


Let’s start with the Heroin Jeas shall we, which is a skinny cut in various washes –


Fiend – It’s tapered at the knee with a slight flare going down. I’m not a huge fan of the crinkled looking fades around the entire jean. I’d have to see them in person to make a better judgment though.


Addiktion – Probably the main style of the brand. It has some interesting detail at the back of the hem. I think I like these the best from the lot.


Prestige & Binge – You can’t be a denim line and not sell a pair of denim shorts. What would Britney do? Actually, don’t answer that question. I like the Binge style though, not the Prestige. The Prestige look like denim bloomers.


There’s more on the site, so click on over there to have a look.

What about you? Which style do you like?

Club Skinny Denim

A new designer denim company has launched catering to slim women with natural waist sizes ranging from 23 to 27. With many American women saying yes to the super-size, Club Skinny is liberating the lean.

If you are a size 8 now buying a size 4, you likely are fond of todays vanity sizing. Designers have followed the trend and up-sized the measurements for their size charts. Deceptively, our size 8 jeans fit just like the size 4 jeans we purchased yesterday. For most slender women this size tampering has further reduced the availability of well fitting denim. Yesterdays measurements dont exist on todays charts. If you were a size 0 before you now have to brave society by asking, Do you have these in a 00?


No stranger to the ridicule of being a size 0, Carrie Ventresca, Co-Founder and President of ClubSkinny Inc., says Why can’t we be proud of our size too? Its no sin to be thin. Collaborating with her husband, Greg Ventresca, Co-Founder and CEO, the couple has designed a premium denim line respecting the market of slim women. Greg emphasizes, It required countless pattern modifications to retire the industries cookie-cutter fit. We also insist on a domestic product from fabric to finishing.


This innovative line consists of six styles and a variety of unique washes all reflecting artistic design elements. No confusing size 0, 1 or 2, instead five natural waist sizes ranging from 23 to 27. Signature back pockets have been reshaped and strategically positioned to plump. A curvy back yoke rounds instead of flattens. The waistband has been redesigned to ride higher across the hips to hug, not pucker. Removing the 5th pocket and metal rivets, the front pockets are smooth, not bulky. No detail overlooked, even the side belt loops are sewn at a precise, hip flattering, angle.


Marketing via e-commerce exclusively, ClubSkinny, Inc.,, offers free shipping and free returns. The unique fit guide and concierge support make online shopping effortless. Classy styles, designer finishing treatments, and a fresh fit make a luxurious denim alternative for the slim woman.

Level 99 Premium Denim

Established in 2005, the Level 99 premium denim lifestyle collection for women consists of jeans, crops shorts, trousers, and skirts and is complemented by carefully fitted jackets, vests, and shirts to fit both the conservative and trend-forward consumer. Pants and jackets are priced between $108 and $250. Level 99 is available at Anthropologie, Neiman Marcus, Lord and Taylor, Fred Segal, M. Fredric, and many other fine stores.


Level 99 focuses on their couturier-type engineering and broadening the product offerings by providing women with a variety of fits and fabrics that complement the body. Level 99 is not dictated by trends. Instead, the designer brand chooses to ignore fads and define its styles by staying true to fit while offering the most competitive denim designs available. “We feel the quality starts with the raw materials, and all the key elements perfect the garment you see,” says Level 99’s lead fashion designer Amie Gaines.


For their Spring/Summer 2008 line, Level 99 delivers high fashion design tailored for a more versatile “to the streets” sensibility. With the obvious hit of premium denim that leading fashion buyers have been forecasting, Level 99’s plans for 2008 will accommodate domestic demands in top stores across the USA, as well as launch distribution in Europe and Japan in 2008.