Gap Premium Denim

Gap officially launched its all-new 1969 Premium Jeans starting at $59.50. With 40 years of denim experience under its belt, Gap is confident its fresh, new collection with reinvented fits and styles can stand up to more expensive premium brands, but at a price point consumers can afford.

Bottom line – Gap’s new denim was born to fit. In the same thread, Gap is encouraging fans to reach back to their roots and declare what they were born to do.

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  1. I’m not impressed with True Religion and their line-up of jeans. They look like their tailored for a single body type. I can’t see J-lo or Beyonce wearing these jeans. Secondly, they all look pretty much the same. I have nothing against the thrift shop look, but they all look like they came from the second hand store. They could do so much better if they didn’t exclude a lot of the market…And in case anyone was wondering, I’m not obese so I’m not hating on the skinny people wearing True Religion jeans.

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