Siwy Denim

Siwy is a label that was launched in the Spring of 2005 in downtown NYC. The concept behind the line is merging the traditional ideas of classic American denim with the styling of familiar shapes. The combination of a tailored fit, expert construction and superb wash detail, Individual taste and style are satisfied through the array of fine washes and silhouettes developed at America’s best wash and sewing facilities.

Siwy uses only the best, high quality American denim. The aesthetic is vintage and familiar, clean and classic. The long and lean shape is softened by strategically placed, quilted pockets that lift and shape, which carefully follow the curve of all seams. A shortened back hem curve avoids dragging on the floor when worn with sneakers or heels while maintaining a very long and lean illusion for women of all sizes.

Every pair of Siwy denim is adorned with a hand-crafted label made out of vintage feedsacks. This ensures the owner that they are not only getting a piece of American history but a unique label that the owner can really feel is special.

For their Autumn 2006 collection, Various lengths offer style options to enhance the wardrobe of any fashionista. Denim shorts take on a fresh, new style when paired with knit tights and low ankle booties. The signature slim crop style, is an easy, transitional jean that slides into tall boots or can be dressed up with round toe heels. Wash detail takes on a darker cast as our mood changes to embrace cooler climates. Deep shades of indigo and gray are personalized with vintage notes that are familiar.

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One Reply to “Siwy Denim”

  1. I had an internship in siwy this fall.
    The internship supposed to be for 3 months, but I worked just for one month. And I did everything that my boss in NY told me.
    After one month I got a message that siwy is no longer needing interns.
    I think this company discriminates people because I got some dirty look from the owner that from LA because I’m not native american or because I didn’t try to please her. The meeting started suddenly in the cafeteria before trade show when the owner was so nasty that cut in the line with two girls before me. I even didn’t start to argue with them because it was so rude. Afterward we both noticed each other badges. When I came to her to introduce myself I didn’t see any appreciation or interest to me. I just heard not good gossip about myself that I’m not in their team and I’m just an intern. After this day my boss in NY stopped answer on my messages for 1,5 weeks.
    But my boss in NY was great and friendly. Also, this company has a cool disigner, but you will definitely see the unfriendly owner!
    Also the siwy jeans aren’t very comfortable.
    I would not recommend this Intern to people who came from other countries! Find something better

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