Fair Trade Sneakers – Veja

What is fair trade? Many countries that produce textiles like Cameroon, Mali and Senegal usually get a very bad price for the same quality of cotton that say other countries like China, America and others get. So a Fair Trade Act was initiated globally, what that means is that the “Fair Trade Certified”, labels guarantee consumers that certain standards were met in the production and trade of the products where the labels appear. Fair trade certification guarantees not only fair prices, but also the principles of ethical purchasing.

This has led to ‘fair trade’ cotton clothing or footwear being available in some countries. The first of these is a company called Veja Footwear.

About Veja

Veja Logo

Launched in March 2005 in Paris and Tokyo, Veja is the first brand of fair trade sneakers. The concept is to make sneakers that do respect men and nature. Materials used are organic cotton produced by a cooperative of small Brazilian producers and rubber from wild Amazon Hevea trees.

Manufacturing is done in a cooperative that respects the dignity of workers. The fair trade premium paid to the producers aims at financing concrete development projects in heath, education or environment fields.

The first Veja model is inspired by Brazilian volley shoes from the 1970s.

Veja Sneakers

To find out more about these sneakers you can visit the official website, it’s in French by the way – Veja Website