was born from the melding of two philosophies on life. Haven and Callie, met during the summer of 2002 and immediately began attempts to impress their philosophy upon the other. Callie, a fashion maven of the first degree, was in the beginning stages of making her lifelong dream of opening a clothing boutique become a reality. Haven was living in a tipi, and hadn’t worn shoes in six months.

Haven was constantly professing the merits of an organic diet; both for the benefits to the body, and for the benefits to the planet. As Callie began to adopt Haven’s attitude towards what she put in her body, she found herself thinking more about what she was putting on her body. She realized that her love of fashion was coming at a huge cost; not only to her wallet, but to the environment and to the people who made their living creating her wardrobe. Callie was losing interest in starting a boutique that supported such destructive practices.

The two came up with the idea for a hip boutique that sold eco-conscious clothing.but was this possible? Wasn’t all eco-friendly clothing made from recycled potato sacks? After a little research into the matter, Callie was able to find an impressive selection of designers who lived up to her standards of fashion meshed with environmental and social responsibility, and Envi was born.

Today the boutique has 15 designers who use either organic materials or all natural ones and make all sorts of products.
The products range from tops and bottoms, to skirts and sweaters, also something for the pilates/yoga crowd is available.

You’ll find a lot of handwork on some of the tops and sweaters, the accessories consist of beaded necklaces, watercolored earrings and more. The prices seem pretty reasonable as well.


Fashion conscious clothing for an eco-conscious lifestyle. Find one of a kind exquisite designs on this store. Since I am also a eco-conscious person I thought it’s good karma to share this with you.