Lyric Jeans


Lyric Jeans is a music inspired premium clothing line involving lyrical content on jeans, denim wear and accessories. Each pair of jeans reflects the personality, style and flare of the recording artist and song through its design. With the vision of fusing the world of music with fashion, the company employs a cutting-edge design strategy allowing consumers to express themselves stylishly through song lyrics.

A premium denim company they are making waves in this highly lucrative and rewarding niche of the fashion world. Earlier they had announced the production of Lyric Tees, priced between $85-$200 at retail, Lyric T-shirts come in short sleeve, long sleeve and tank styles and are made for both women and men in sizes small, medium and large. The Tee line is set to debut in Fall 2006.

I think they are going to be an exciting brand to watch out in the future as the premium denim market heats up. The concept of having your favourite artists lyrics written all over your denim might seem inviting at first, but will the fad die as soon as the song does? What about those one hit wonders? I see this as a great marketing tool at concerts and launch events for song artists. The true test will only be told over time. Sounds lyrical huh!


As of now they are in the midst of launching their e-store which should allow you to buy their products online, so far the website has only a coming soon page.

The company’s strength is in its relationships with the music industry and its ability to access the Hollywood community, tastemakers and trend-setters. Lyric Jeans plans to have showrooms in South Beach, Florida and Los Angeles, California.

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