iPod Jeans from Levi’s

Levi’s is joining the digital revolution with their latest take on jeans. They are called the RedWire DLXs.


Levi’s has designed RedWire jeans for men and women seamlessly incorporating fashion, function and technology by combining stylish denim and the iconic iPod.

By fall these hi-tech denims are going to be at a mall and levi’s outlet near you. They come with a built-in docking cradle for iPod and retractable headphones.

Initial reaction has been met with ho – hum and at times even complete dissatisfaction

The RedWire DLX Jeans will have an iPod remote control and docking station fitted in its pockets, and comes complete with attached headphones.


Levi Strauss is not the first to produce iPod-compatible clothing, but it is believed to be the first to do so for trousers or jeans. The company is continuing to turn around its fortunes after falling sales and higher costs hit its results in recent years.

To cut costs, the US firm has shut its last remaining American factories and moved all production overseas.

Images from www.bright.nl