Levi’s Eco Jeans

Previously we wrote about a company called del forte denim who make a organic premium denim line. Well it seems that Levi’s themselves will be making a Eco line as they call it.

The cotton is organic, the button on the waistband is made of coconut shell, there are no metal rivets, the dye is from natural compounds include indigo and the label is from recycled cardboard. The company that started it all is now giving something back to the environment to keep environmentalists happy. But at what cost?

The jeans themselves will be sold for around $250.00, though they do plan on bringing a line to sell for a lesser more mass market price point to sell between $75 and $110.

Agreeing with Levi’s on this great new line, we think it’ll make a huge impact on mass consumers and this will prompt other denim manufacturers to think of introducing their own organic collections. It’s a win win situation for nature here.

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  1. I love these new levis eco jeans, not only do they look good, but they are good for the environment. Try mixing them with some vintage clothing from Rice and Beans Vintage.. Go eco-chic!

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