Anlo Jeans

AnLo Jeans a denim brand that wants to fit the space between the basic denim and the overly trendy ones. The line is headed by Jenna Andreola and David Lonstein (“An” and “Lo” respectively) who spent over a year getting their fit and looking for the ultimate denim to make the AnLo Jeans come to life.

They are pretty straight forward in their washes with a clean double pleated back details. All in all they want to give a woman exactly what she desires, an elegant sophisticated jean.

In sync with trends they offer a skinny which has piping details, wood buttons or zippers at the ankles. AnLo uses a lot of trim to accentuate their line and make them stand apart from other denim design houses. Apart from jeans they also offer mini-dresses, bermudas and tailored hot shorts also with trim details.

Selling in stores like Bergdorf Goodman, Scoop, Nordstorm and online at Intermix they have been seen on Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie and Carmen Electra among other celebrities.


  1. I saw pictures of stars like Jessica Simpson and Lindsay Lohan donning Anlo tight jeans. It seems to be the latest fashion trend in jeans. And I would like to know, where could I buy these sexy jeans?

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