OOVOO Handbags

Something really exclusive can come out of something that totally happens by chance. Oovoo Handbags is one such example of a chance meeting between two women gone as far as being featured on Time Magazine.

The owner/all-in-one bag boss is Pauline Lewis. She left the corporate world three years ago and traveled back to Asia. She was inspired by the women she met along the way and started to work with one Vietnamese designer in particular: Ms. Le Thi Hong Tu, better known as Hong Tu. Hong Tu’s designs, combined with Pauline’s vision and direction, are the cornerstone of oovoo design.

The bags they produce have so much character they can carry themselves out of the door — every bag is a unique personality! Today over 120 full time employees along with 500 part time embroiderers churn out these distinct bags for the women that buy them.

Pauline says she started oovoo because of her love for all things handcrafted and a desire to build a business model based on positive working relationships, especially among women.

That’s inspiration, she gets my applause.

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