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Naomi Campbell issued a statement towards gypsies in Ljubljana, Slovenia. She is quoted as saying Gypsies are “people with the rights and duties as all other citizens, and nobody must discriminate them in any way”.

It is true that they would like the same rights as all other citizens in Slovenia, but they definitely don’t want any duties. Gypsies in Slovenia get money from the country and they do not need to work like other citizens or pay taxes but they still steal from others, drive cars without registrations, fight and even commit more such crimes. So when they are not welcome anymore where they used to live it should not come as a surprise to anybody who knows the facts, Miss Naomi definitely doesn’t know the facts.

The only reason you can think of having hundreds of people converge at once to ostracize a group has to be a viable one. True that law has to be established but obviously people felt that a group of 31 was more troublesome to them and decided to act to protect themselves. We don’t agree with anybody going through hardships but nobody is above the law. For those of you who wish to learn more, visit this link and read the viewers comments. (Translation might be required)

Before commenting about something one should see all sides of the story, just because Naomi is in the limelight and makes a comment it gets published on Vogue online – I don’t think she knows much about the situation, we know the situation we live in Slovenia! The local papers don’t publish much about them but it is common knowledge among the population that they have been responsible for crimes and have so far gone free without prosecution.


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  1. “The only reason you can think of having 600 people converge at once to ostracize a group has to be a viable one”

    I wouldn’t say that to an African-American, if I were you, or to an American gay person, or to a Native American; they would tell you that that many people and more gather again and again to ostracize a group because of prejudice and hatred… and then they might get a little upset with you.

  2. There is no involvement of any African Americans, American gay or native American infact NO Americans at all, so I really don’t know what you’re talking about.

    Ostracism simply means to be excluded from a group. Like I said in my post

    “We don’t agree with anybody going through hardships but nobody is above the law.”

  3. Sorry if I was unclear; my point is that large #’s of people will “converge at once to ostracize,” and even abuse, a group for reasons that are NOT viable, and the groups I mentioned are some that have received just that sort of treatment in the USA. The gypsies in Slovenia may well be guilty of many crimes, but the gathering of a bunch of people against them is NOT proof of that.

  4. I agree with you No, it’s NOT proof of that.

    But isn’t it funny that in ANY news publication about this matter there is hardly any mention of anything the gypsies could have done (you can read some of the responses in Slovenian language forums where people have commented who were actually affected by crimes committed by gypsies such as theft, breaking and entering, personal violations, dealing with drugs, illegal possession of guns and even rape etc…) to provoke such a response from their neighbours (they have been living in the same area since 1960’s says nytimes) I just want to read and hear both sides of the story, hence I said that we live in Slovenia and the story among the populace is different and is not heard anywhere.

    Anyway, this is a fashion blog since it is related to a model and a political matter it caught my interest. Have a nice one 🙂

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