Fortune Denim

Fortune Denim is a new denim line that is less than 3 months old but already they already have ‘behind’ them stars like Jennifer Aniston, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and others.

When Karen Noseff cracked open a cookie at one fateful dinner not long ago, the fortune might have well read “forget about a career in law; start designing jeans and happiness and success will be yours.” Because that’s exactly what she decided to do, and Fortune Denim, a new line of premium denim that combines the best of Southern California denim’s fit and wash with Eastern design details, was born.

Fortune Denim embodies the clean and simple lines of flattering Western-made jeans with unique Eastern details waiting to be discovered. The overall feel is pure luxury with its satin waistband, including a personal fortune, and satin pockets. Their main styles that are available now are called Beijing Belle, Honk Kong Hipster and Shanghai Star.

Have a look at this commercial for them – (p.s – turn up the volume)

Each is lined with rich satin trim in the style of the ancient Tang Dynasty hand-sewn into the interior waistband and pockets in one of four distinctive colors- red, purple, blue and silver. The stitching is done with eye catching metallic thread in edgy color combinations and unique designs. The classic “F” pocket is designed to lift, flatter and transform and comes in an assortment of candy-coated colors using special zigzag stitching. Each pair of Fortune Denim is adorned with a button hand-set with 24 delicate Swarovski crystals made to resemble an ancient Chinese coin, and is coated with a special glaze to keep each crystal in place through repeated washings.

And the most captivating accent is the personal fortune, unique for each pair of jeans, stitched into the interior waistband to bring good luck to all who wear them.

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