Daniela Cicarelli

Model daniela cicarelli has sued youtube for hosting her sensuous beach escapade. She was spending her day at the beach with her special someone, and someone filmed them secretly and caught them in the act as they were in shallow waters.

A brazilian court has ordered youtube to be shut down (like that’s going to happen) until it removes the video. Cicarelli and her now boyfriend Tato Malzoni filed the suit and demanded $116,000 in damages for each day the video remains up.

The case has been dragging on for months now and they filed another suit in December.

The thing is now that video is probably the most viewed video on youtube, it has also reported to be seen on google video and a host of other sites. Not to mention that some people have already downloaded it to their hard drives and will probably keep posting it up as they get taken down.

I think she would have just served herself better by keeping her mouth shut about it rather than make a complete debacle of this. It could also be that maybe she was looking for some attention and needed a boost in her career these kinds of things have been known to happen as celebrities see their stars falling or interest waning. Recently britney spears is such a case.

Story from reuters.

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