ODYN Jeans – Denim with a Story

We have a sneak peek look into Odyn Jeans Spring 2007’s look. Since the company debuted in New York in the Fall of 2005 they have been making inroads into the world of denim. From the stars to fashionista’s their jeans are being craved after by many. They will also be launching their Men’s Collection with a Spring line. So look out for that.

Jessica Simpson in Odyn Jeans

About Odyn

The designer is Emmy Lauridsen, a Danish designer who’s modeled the line after Nordic mythology, “Odyn” being the god of wisdom and poetry. Each pant style name comes from a character from the mythology as well which is described on the silk printed hand tags.

Their Style

Odyn’s fashion pieces are a bit more experimental in nature – and designed to appeal to a range of women who want to express their individuality. The collection features self-expressive looks with extraordinary details. All denim is hand washed, blasted, bleached or stained according to style. Uniquely provides a rare combination of class, sophistication, sexiness, and style.

With the tagline “Denim with a story,” Odyn uses denim as their medium of expression. All of Odyn’s fashion pieces are comprised of complex layers with subtle detail and care.

Unique Details: Each pair is embellished with Nordic Gaelic harp embossed on metal label which sits perfectly on the waist.

Price Points: around $170

Spring 2007’s Coming Looks – Discuss them in the forums

Press Clippings – Click for larger view

Go to the forums to talk about fashion. It’s free to join!

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