Simone Collection – Friends Inspired Dresses

Simone Collection is a collection designed by Katie Nehra. The inspiration comes from thinking about a dress and wishing that I had something like that. Her friends were her main inspiration as she would draw something and think that her friend Joe would look great in that dress.

Katie’s inspiration for Spring came from Brigitte Bardot and her time in St. Tropez where she filmed the 1956 movie “And God Created Women” for her attitude and being outspoken. If you are the last girl to leave the dance floor then her dresses are for you.

For a full interview have a look at this video below for a preview of her collection.

Fact: Her mother handmakes all the tags for the dresses.

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  1. Does anyone know any more about this collection and designer? Where she is based or how to get ahold of her?


  2. I think she is based out of New York. As for stores that carry her I would try to get in touch with and send them an email asking where you can get in touch with her.

    Hope that helps.

  3. I agree – she’s great. Her name is Katie Nehra and she’s got a website – She sells in NY and LA, but her website doesn’t yet have any items for sale. Several stores carry her line, however — Fred Segal Flair, Tracey Ross, to name a few. Good luck!

  4. there’s a site online that has her fashion line also. i’m glad cos they can ship out to the UK

  5. Congrats Katie!! Sending you PEACE, LOVE, and God greatest wishes to you!! Much Love from Baltimore.

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