Pajama Jam with Mickey Sills Pajama’s

Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise…so women don’t need to sleep late or get up early, which means its pajama party time.

Sleepwear is a critical piece of clothing to consider for the time that you are sleeping 6 – 8 hours a day you must feel comfortable.

So what’s the best thing to sleep in?  Simple whatever makes you feel the most comfortable.  Many women prefer to sleep just in a small slip or maybe even just their underwear.  Some women prefer the traditional pajama set, which too can come in a variety of styles, and some well…let’s not go there.

There are short cami length tops, with shorts.  The longer slip variety with long or extra short bottoms, and then the top with sleeves (cap or half) and full-length pajamas.  The truth is that most women even prefer to just wear a XL t-shirt in cotton, which will probably provide the most comfort as there would be a lot of space.  Since your position in sleep changes every few hours, it seems the most practical.

You can also choose the type of prints for pajamas nowadays and get something that reflects your personality.  Tweety bird seems to be a favorite!

Of course if you a romantic evening planned then nothing beats a soft silk pajama to end the night with.

Mickey Sills is a self taught fashion designer and he’s all about Pajama’s and he believes that women should have fun in their PJ’s all the time. Scanty PJ is his brand and his line is influenced by California culture and pop art. The main difference with his PJ’s and other PJ lines are the prints. Some of them are good enough to wear out on the town. With some of the tops you just need a pair of jeans and you’re ready to go. Have a look at the video below

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