Jeans can look hot even when you are pregnant

You don’t need to have a total different wardrobe while pregnant my wife used to wear my tees around the home, she just couldn’t fit into her jeans obviously. Too bad we didn’t know about the b-buckle then.

Now you can expand your wardrobe with you as you advance in pregnancy. The b-buckle is allowing all you mamas to wear their high end premium or designer jeans just like you would normally do. The hip & cool b-buckles are so easy to use, you literally just loop, snap and go!

This hip new maternity accessory comes in colors and designs and with an affordable price, who can say no?

Tip: Choose your b-buckle size based on your pre-pregnancy size! Small fits zero to 4, Medium fits 6 to 8, Large fits 10 to 12.

Visit the b-buckle shop to get started.

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  1. How chic! I’m glad maternity fashion is really evolving. How you look is directly relative to how you feel and feeling frumpy is not cool! I love it!

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