Madonna’s H&M line launched

The new tradition of H&M is to put out a collection every season with a guest designer behind it like Stella McCartney and Viktor & Rolf. But this time they chose the material girl herself, Madonna. The new “M by Madonna” collection was launched across all womenswear H & M stores worldwide and will be sold in 28 countries.

The launch wasn’t as frenzied as people had hoped though with shoppers in New York only queuing up 30 minutes before the stores opened on Fifth Avenue. But within two hours some items, including belts and small purses, had sold out said one sales associate. In the U.K though the demand was more heated and extra security guards had to be called in. Maybe it’s because she lives in the U.K now and the women there probably like her more for that?

The collection itself is mostly black and white with some blue and other earthy tones, retail prices are from $16 to $295.

Madonna has collaborated with H&M before as well when they supplied her and her entourage with an offstage wardrobe
for her “Confessions” tour. Below are the campaign images.

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