The Kurti – India’s Contribution to Fashion

The cycle of fashion keeps repeating itself every now and then but few style statements keep repeating themselves, the Kurti {tunic} is definitely one of those classics that have stood the test of time and repeats itself.

The Kurti is India’s contribution to the world of fashion. From one corner of the world to another stores are filled with them, and other trinkets inspired by the subcontinent. Many celebrities are slipping into them as well.

Some people believe that the kurti is dead; this is a little like saying that the tshirt is dead! The kurti style tunic has been around for years in Asia and the Orient and nothing beats the coolness of a cotton kurti.

The construction of the kurti gives a lot of room to the wearer as it often features long sleeves and is mostly made to fall up to and even below hip level.  However modern trends have seen the hem go up to the waist, at times even exposing the belly.  What sets it apart from other tops is often the embroidery. Zardozi, traditional gold and silver wire embroidery, has been superseded by plain thread embroidery to give the under-stated, yet elegant look for the daytime. Zardozi embroidery originates from South India but it’s appeal is worldwide.

One of the other more interesting embroidery used is chikankari which is very unique. The use of flat stitches, delicate and subtle lying closely to the surface of the fabric, give it a distinctive textural appearance. This embroidery is usually done on sheer type of cotton fabrics and it is originally from Northern India with great demand both within and outside India. The adaptability of the design makes it perfect for your work or casual wear.

(chikankari embroidery)

Any Indian woman will tell you about the universal appeal of the white kurti, which is a classic. Apart from making you appear unruffled and cool on the outside, the white kurti can be worn with practically anything. You can wear it anytime of the year, seasons and trends don’t affect it here.

The Indian Kurti is unlikely to die. Trends may change, traditional work methods may be superseded by modern ones and the style may push the boundaries with different ways to wear a kurti, but when it comes to comfort, style, and sheer wearability there is little to beat the humble Indian Kurti.

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