Versace – More than Just Fashion

The Italian fashion house Versace is slowly moving into the lifestyle sector of the luxury market after having done all they could do in the fashion arena. This doesn’t mean that they will be leaving fashion completely, the Versace brand will just be seen on more than just jeans and perfume now. Expect to also see the leather interiors of your Lamborghini embalmed with the Versace logo.

Presented at the Paris International Autoshow, the Lamborghini Murciélago LP640 Versace is a modified version of the LP640 Coupé. It features custom Versace leather seating and a Gianni Versace logo plaque inside the vehicle. Not cool enough? OK, how about a Versace designed cabin for your helicopter?

This is the kind of diversity that the Italian brand is leveraging itself into, the area of a luxury lifestyle. With a lot of the fashion industry going more for selling features rather than big funky looking runway shows, designers now also have to be careful about final season end sales numbers.

In the end it makes good business sense to make sure that your company is profitable from selling the seasons collections and not pumping hundreds of thousands of dollars into haute couture shows. Only to just unleash all that creativity into designing for custom orders and of course super expensive luxury goods for those who have no qualms in spending money on it.