Bollywood Fashion Making A Mark

It’s not just the song and dance sequences in Bollywood, the nickname given to the Indian film industry, that is attracting attention but also the fashion.

One of the most famous costume designers, and now a fashion designer, Manish Malhotra has said that on screen Indian fashion has finally bounced back and consciousness and stylish clothes are being seen more and more on the silver screen.

In the 90’s it was all about being as loud and garish as you can get. The trend started shifting soon after a very popular film that virtually catapulted everyone who was involved with it to stardom overnight. From the director, to the actress Urmila Matondkar to the costume designer who was none other than Manish himself. He has since designed for a bevy of actors and actresses.

Indian fashion itself is slowly becoming of age. Having been there myself for 2 years working in it I have seen a huge shift in it. A lot of fusion ideas are happening with foreign companies coming in, which is leading the local companies and designers to innovate faster to keep their customers.

Look for more glitz from the subcontinent in the near future.