Takumi – New Denim on The Block

Takumi is a Japanese clothing company that brings together contemporary style with a vintage touch to it. Takumi is the Japanese word for artisan and all of their clothes are handcrafted in Japan itself with the most attention to detail. They don’t mass produce their clothes which gives each piece produced an individuality of its own.

Luis Pedroza is the man behind the label and brings a variety of cultures with him, being of Japenese, Chinese and Mexican heritage himself. His company, Takumi, was created in 2006. Their main focus now is on luxury shirts and jeans. Of course being obsessed with jeans we took a look at them.

All the denim they use is made on traditional old style shuttle looms, which give a unique feel to the denim being woven. The classic cut has a low rise, straight leg in a regular fit. The vintage cut has a higher rise, straight leg with an easy fit. Both styles come in indigo and black colors. Have a look at the images below.

Visit Takumi Clothing.

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  1. i m impressed by the intricacy and the work details altough i work in one of pakistan biggest and leading jeans manufacturer working for top and designer brands.Gr8 work.Prices hmm should be worked upon.

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