Desert Blue Jeans – Love your Earth, Love your Denim

Desert Blue Jeans is the end result of 25 years of experience in the denim industry. Miranda Carmona, designer and global creative director, had a vision of creating a line raising awareness of environmental issues/concerns, as is evident from the four core styles Earth, Wind, Water and Fire of the company.

A huge amount of research and development by the company has led to the ideal fit, feel, fabric and finish. They aim to deliver a product that compliments the female figure but also inspires individuals to respect and preserve our world.

Some of the characteristics of the denim are

  • Italian fabrics
  • Unique laser-cut design on pockets
  • Alloy buttons rivets
  • Real leather tagging
  • 5 step washing process

The company has been gaining more exposure in the press recently and so far seem to be only available in retail stores and not online yet. If anyone has found them in any online store, please let us know by commenting.

They also say that they are 1st jean company to introduce a very innovative touch to their jeans – a technique called “the laser pocket treatment” – presently only done by a fashion engineering plant in Paris – that enables the adhesion of decorative designs on to our pockets with “no stitching”.

Some pictures –

Visit Desert Blue Jeans.


  1. Although we are not set up to sell online yet, you can go to our website, then click on CONTACT US, send us an e-mail of the style that you are interested in and we will ship it to you. A size chart is not yet available online but the sizes are the same as any other premium denim line. You can always e-mail your questions and we will be happy to help you. You will love these jeans. Online sales will be availble sometime next month. I will post a comment to notify all Denim Lovers.


  2. I checked out the jeans and seems like you manufacture one of the hottest jeans out there…

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