Vivienne Westwood Mixes Fashion With Politics

At her Spring Summer 2008 fashion show on Monday Vivienne Westwood made it clear that she is not just a designer but an outspoken citizen as well. Calling her collection “56”, a direct reference to the number of days a terror suspect can be held without charge in Britain, she showed the fashion world that it can be powerful enough to make a statement.

Fashion is always influenced by current world trends, and even political environments. Even though this was not the first time shows have been used to cast those impressions over to the local public, this one makes an even stronger statement than most.

Vivienne Westwood is known for her edgy collections and said that the collection showed her thoughts against Gordon Brown, the British PM, “I’ll be voting against him definitely, anything to get him out,” she said. “He has to go.

I wonder why nobody has made shows with a tone towards the resentment about the way in Iraq? I wonder if Vivienne agrees with that?