Worlds Most Expensive Perfume

No.1, by Clive Christian, has been declared as being the world’s most expensive perfume by the Guinness Book of World Records. Some of the rarest ingredients in the world have gone into the production of this perfume.

With 30ml retailing for $2,350 and only 1000 of the bottles being released every year the perfume is definitely at the top of the luxury market. Some of the ingredients in the perfume are said to be not sustainable, which means the scent of the perfume does change year after year because of the non-availability of the past years ingredients.

Which makes me think?

What ingredient is not sustainable that it cannot be repeated the next year? Just so that someone can pay an exorbitant amount to smell like a few thousand dollars what natural resource is being wiped off the planet?

World's Most Expensive Perfume

What a waste of money and non-sustainable ingredients.

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  1. wow! That is crazy expensive. I am so curious to smell it so I can form an opinion. even though having a perfume like this would be fabulous, I would probably rather spend my money on shoes or a great party dress.

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