Club Skinny Denim

A new designer denim company has launched catering to slim women with natural waist sizes ranging from 23 to 27. With many American women saying yes to the super-size, Club Skinny is liberating the lean.

If you are a size 8 now buying a size 4, you likely are fond of todays vanity sizing. Designers have followed the trend and up-sized the measurements for their size charts. Deceptively, our size 8 jeans fit just like the size 4 jeans we purchased yesterday. For most slender women this size tampering has further reduced the availability of well fitting denim. Yesterdays measurements dont exist on todays charts. If you were a size 0 before you now have to brave society by asking, Do you have these in a 00?


No stranger to the ridicule of being a size 0, Carrie Ventresca, Co-Founder and President of ClubSkinny Inc., says Why can’t we be proud of our size too? Its no sin to be thin. Collaborating with her husband, Greg Ventresca, Co-Founder and CEO, the couple has designed a premium denim line respecting the market of slim women. Greg emphasizes, It required countless pattern modifications to retire the industries cookie-cutter fit. We also insist on a domestic product from fabric to finishing.


This innovative line consists of six styles and a variety of unique washes all reflecting artistic design elements. No confusing size 0, 1 or 2, instead five natural waist sizes ranging from 23 to 27. Signature back pockets have been reshaped and strategically positioned to plump. A curvy back yoke rounds instead of flattens. The waistband has been redesigned to ride higher across the hips to hug, not pucker. Removing the 5th pocket and metal rivets, the front pockets are smooth, not bulky. No detail overlooked, even the side belt loops are sewn at a precise, hip flattering, angle.


Marketing via e-commerce exclusively, ClubSkinny, Inc.,, offers free shipping and free returns. The unique fit guide and concierge support make online shopping effortless. Classy styles, designer finishing treatments, and a fresh fit make a luxurious denim alternative for the slim woman.