Denim Addikt – FulFill Your Denim Addiktion

A new brand trying to make it’s mark on the denim scene is Denim Addikt. I don’t think they are available yet for retail anywhere online so this is more or less a sneak peak at them.

Not much information was given to me about them in their email so I’ll just write on what I see from their website.

So far only collections of womens jeans are shown. With names such as Heroin Chic, Fanatic, Addiktion, Fiend, Excess, Idol, Prestige & Binge it’s anyone’s guess that the jeans will definitely create some sort of buzz around them just based on the names alone. “Joey” and “Johnny” just don’t cut it anymore.

Here’s some screenshots from their site. I’ll post more information about them as I get it.


Let’s start with the Heroin Jeas shall we, which is a skinny cut in various washes –


Fiend – It’s tapered at the knee with a slight flare going down. I’m not a huge fan of the crinkled looking fades around the entire jean. I’d have to see them in person to make a better judgment though.


Addiktion – Probably the main style of the brand. It has some interesting detail at the back of the hem. I think I like these the best from the lot.


Prestige & Binge – You can’t be a denim line and not sell a pair of denim shorts. What would Britney do? Actually, don’t answer that question. I like the Binge style though, not the Prestige. The Prestige look like denim bloomers.


There’s more on the site, so click on over there to have a look.

What about you? Which style do you like?


  1. Eh the name Heroin Chic is really unflattering, and sends a pretty crappy message to kids, in my opinion. The jeans look nice though.

  2. I like the skinny jeans, the branding and naming is pretty edgy and controversial but will it really make much of a difference

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