Celebrities and Premium Jeans

It seems the benchmark to make a denim brand truly premium is for it to be seen on a celebrities butt. The bigger the celebrity {not seat size}, the bigger the social status of the brand “could get“.

Blogs, web publications, online newspaper sites, trade magazines and everyone else in between scurry to post the latest snap of a “hot” or “in” celebrity and identify the jeans they’re wearing. It’s like a never ending Oscar parade!

The most popular no doubt seem to be Page Premium Denim and Seven Jeans.

I have seen a few brands that have just fallen of radar because they have not been able to keep their PR profile high enough. Sometimes though it is also because the denim itself doesn’t live up to the hype. After all, it still has to look good on YOU!

Jeans are naturally the most versatile of clothing today and with the constant advancements in design, fabric and fit it doesn’t seem like it will stop anytime soon.

For me it doesn’t matter who wears them, it just matters if it feels good to me or not. I’m a guy so I could care less if Brad Pitt is wearing Levi’s or Lee – I’ll still buy a no name brand and wear it for the next 6 months straight! I will take it off to wash though, bad smelling jeans are just…ugh!

Picture courtesy denim blog.