75 Years Ago: First Womens Jeans From Levi’s

Levi Strauss & Co. is celebrating the 75th anniversary of women’s jeans and they have launched a special website to mark it, Womens Jeans 75.

The company that invented blue jeans for working men created the world’s first women’s jeans in 1934 for bold women of the American West. Since then jeans have spread across the entire world and can be found virtually everywhere.

Jeans were originally created by Levi Strauss & Co. for working men in 1873, but the category has since seen a dramatic shift with the advent of the first jeans for women. Today, new fits, fabrics and finish innovations are typically first developed to meet women’s needs and tastes and are driven by the demands of the women’s market. In fact, sales of women’s jeans surpassed men’s in 2000, making women the leading consumers of denim in the United States.


I’ve owned a few Levi’s in my time, though I wear mostly European brands as I live here now, but the levi’s I did have lasted me a very long time. Do your remember your first pair of Levi’s?