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Choosing The Perfect Pair of Jeans

Denim as a fashion statement doesn’t fade, although most would prefer to wear them that way.

Any pair of jeans is basically a year round staple in your wardrobe. You can wear it with anything and for any time of the day.

So how would you go about selecting a pair that will be with you for years?


Deciding whether you want skinny, straight or the new style in town the “not a pair of jeans” that look like pants is perhaps the most important decision in buying a new pair. To help out with that, it’s best to first look at what you have. Not what Vogue magazine says you need.

Having at least two or three different fit types makes it easier to plan your tops and accessories. Fit also depends on your body type, if you don’t feel comfortable in a certain pattern you don’t have to ‘have’ it. The biggest secret to selecting the right fit is always comfort. If you know you will feel good in that pair on a cozy Sunday afternoon then that’s the fit for you. Try on a few until you reach that realization, and just stick with it. You’ll never go wrong.


Dark blues, indigo, black, gray, green…they come in all shades you can think of. The most obvious choice is the regular denim blue that inhabits almost every closet on the planet. Having a few different shades of blue, or a different color altogether is not uncommon to possess but the real question is…what should the next color of denim you buy be?

The answer to that is, the color you don’t have. Seriously you don’t need another denim blue in a washed out style with a different label. But you could do with a white pair, a black pair or even an army green option.


Denim fabric today can be 100% cotton or it can be a blend of 98% cotton / 2% elastane, for exampele, to make it flexible for the skinny or figure hugging styles. This in general can make the pair not as durable over the long term. Do check the labels to read what the fabric blend is and decide if it’s the right type for you. Denim blends are also less hardy than thick, 100% cotton denim, so if you’re looking for a pair to keep for years, consider avoiding a blend.

Hope the three quick references help you with your next purchase.