Mariah Carey and Pinko

Mariah Carey has been chosen as the new face for Italian fashion house Pinko. She was seen wearing a specially made pair of the company’s jeans at the opening of their London store. When asked to comment on the skinny model factor now being the hot topic in the fashion world. She said “That cannot… Continue reading Mariah Carey and Pinko

Organic and Natural Skin Care

Having a naturalist and environmental oriented outlook we think you will enjoy this site called Their range of products are extensive, so I’ll tell you about a few of them. First of all their SkincCeuticals, which is a very advanced skincare product and is designed to prevent future damage to your skin while providing… Continue reading Organic and Natural Skin Care

Simone Collection – Friends Inspired Dresses

Simone Collection is a collection designed by Katie Nehra. The inspiration comes from thinking about a dress and wishing that I had something like that. Her friends were her main inspiration as she would draw something and think that her friend Joe would look great in that dress. Katie’s inspiration for Spring came from Brigitte… Continue reading Simone Collection – Friends Inspired Dresses

Daniela Cicarelli

Model daniela cicarelli has sued youtube for hosting her sensuous beach escapade. She was spending her day at the beach with her special someone, and someone filmed them secretly and caught them in the act as they were in shallow waters. A brazilian court has ordered youtube to be shut down (like that’s going to… Continue reading Daniela Cicarelli

Fortune Denim

Fortune Denim is a new denim line that is less than 3 months old but already they already have ‘behind’ them stars like Jennifer Aniston, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and others. When Karen Noseff cracked open a cookie at one fateful dinner not long ago, the fortune might have well read “forget about a career… Continue reading Fortune Denim

World Denim Bar

This has to be a haven for denim lovers, it’s actually called the World Denim Bar and is located in Los Angeles (where else?). The say they stock most of the best known brands to the lesser known brands in all kinds of fits, washes and styles. They even have an onsite custom denim washing… Continue reading World Denim Bar