William Rast

William Rast is a new line that was launched by Pop powerhouse Justin Timberlake 15 months ago with his best friend, Trace Ayala. Since Justin’s ‘N Sync days Ayala was making clothing for the band and for Britney Spears. He then became his assistant when Danny Guez, son of Paul Guez, approached Justin about a… Continue reading William Rast

Anlo Jeans

AnLo Jeans a denim brand that wants to fit the space between the basic denim and the overly trendy ones. The line is headed by Jenna Andreola and David Lonstein (“An” and “Lo” respectively) who spent over a year getting their fit and looking for the ultimate denim to make the AnLo Jeans come to… Continue reading Anlo Jeans

Levi’s Eco Jeans

Previously we wrote about a company called del forte denim who make a organic premium denim line. Well it seems that Levi’s themselves will be making a Eco line as they call it. The cotton is organic, the button on the waistband is made of coconut shell, there are no metal rivets, the dye is… Continue reading Levi’s Eco Jeans

LVMH sues Ebay

The war on counterfiet products rages on. The Far East has been producing them since they were conceived by the high end designers in Paris, Milan, London and New York. Buyers who think they are buying the real thing purchase such goods some willingly and some unwillingly not knowing that it is a fake. The… Continue reading LVMH sues Ebay

iPod Jeans from Levi’s

Levi’s is joining the digital revolution with their latest take on jeans. They are called the RedWire DLXs. Levi’s has designed RedWire jeans for men and women seamlessly incorporating fashion, function and technology by combining stylish denim and the iconic iPod. By fall these hi-tech denims are going to be at a mall and levi’s… Continue reading iPod Jeans from Levi’s

Angel Jeans

Angel Jeans is a jeans design company that develop, manufacture, market and distribute high-fashion premium jeans and other apparel. The parent company, Hip & Hip, Inc., was founded and incorporated in 2001 by Art and Jung Park, a husband and wife team of renowned fashion industry experts, who had a vision of creating an exclusive… Continue reading Angel Jeans

Rag Bags

A long time favourtie accessory ‘the bag’ is constantly being reinvented. But this time the reinvent has caught the imagination of whoever comes across it. RagBag is a Netherlands company that is making waves with environmentalists and fashion conscious youth at the same time. How is this possible? Well, the bags known as Ragbags are… Continue reading Rag Bags

Lyric Jeans

Lyric Jeans is a music inspired premium clothing line involving lyrical content on jeans, denim wear and accessories. Each pair of jeans reflects the personality, style and flare of the recording artist and song through its design. With the vision of fusing the world of music with fashion, the company employs a cutting-edge design strategy… Continue reading Lyric Jeans

People’s Liberation

People’s Liberation, Inc., the designer of high-end casual apparel under the brand names People’s Liberation and William Rast, has announced that People’s Liberation will collaborate with MÖTLEY CRÜE drummer Tommy Lee to create a limited-edition clothing group called “PL for TL”. The clothing line will consist of a range of denim, hooded sweatshirts and hats… Continue reading People’s Liberation